Awarded "Best of Denver" Chiropractor by Westword. Nominated and elected "Best of Denver" Chiropractor by the editorial staff of Westword.


Studied in China as part of the People to People medical educational exchange program for Acupuncture. Observed acupuncture anesthesia for three surgical procedures, QiGong, herbal, and acupuncture treatments at traditional Chinese medical hospitals. Dr. Ackerman witnessed a hysterectomy, thyroidectomy and a C-section performed while the patients were under acupuncture anesthesia. He witnessed multiple medical QiGong treatments. His favorite resulted in the patient performing involuntary, spontaneous Tai Chi under the control of the practitioner who was 30 feet behind the patient.


Presenter at the American Holistic Medical Association's educational conference, where Dr. Ackerman was invited to teach muscle testing. He was the first chiropractor ever to teach at the course leading to board certification in holistic medicine for M.D.'s and D.O.'s.

2002 - 2003

Presented and awarded for two original papers on Characterology and NET at the Annual Eagles Conference. This new methodology is now utilized by NET practitioners worldwide.