Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)®


While much is understood about the structural and biochemical aspects of the triangle of health, the mental/emotional aspect is often overlooked when working with physiology. In fact, many people are unaware that we may actually have emotions stuck in our bodies.

Here's how it works. Normally, a person has an emotional response to a significant life event, and after the event his body returns to a normal state of being. Sometimes, (particularly if the event was traumatic) a person's body will hold on to the emotion, locking it into his nervous system as neuro-emotional complexes, which then may manifest as a spinal subluxation and a specific imbalance in a muscle or acupuncture meridian. This causes less than optimal health.

NET facilitates the client manifesting what they want in their careers and relationships. This is accomplished by clearing the limiting unconscious "false beliefs" that were formulated after emotions got stuck in the body following trauma, disappointments, and parental conditioning using NET. Dr. Ackerman was among the first 50 doctors in the world to be certified in NET. We offer NET treatments to locate and release these specific blockages, and would be happy to explain the specifics of this treatment in detail, if you would like more information.

Our emotional reality can dramatically affect our health.

If we are in a weakened state due to poor nutrition, stress or physical trauma, everyday emotions may not resolve naturally. Later in our lives when we experience a similar situation, the old emotional response kicks in.

We rarely see the link between the past event and our present situation. NET can help identify the unresolved real (or imagined) event and help your body release its lingering emotional charge. For good!

People used to think emotions resided entirely in their brain. Now we know other parts of the body can hold emotions too. Ever felt butterflies in your stomach before a speech, refer to something as a "pain in the neck" or felt a "lump in your throat?" Clearly, emotions happen in our body, not just our brain! Neuropeptides, the large protein molecules that contain emotional memories, are found in the blood, lymph, intestine and every tissue and organ of the body. Scientists originally called them neuropeptides because they expected to find them only in the brain and nervous system.

Using NET, we find these stuck, negatively charged emotions stored in your body and help you release them. It is fast and fun. And it can dramatically improve your health.

Finding and balancing these stuck memory loops is done with the help of simple muscle testing. This helps determine if your body is in harmony with a particular concept which is linked to an unresolved emotional event.

You will form a mental picture, or "snapshot," of the original triggering event. Your body will assume an emotional state similar to the way it originally reacted. This helps your body release the unresolved emotion linked to the event. It's simple.

After the correction, many patients report feeling that a heavy weight has been lifted from their shoulders. If things become too personal or uncomfortable, just say the word and the session can safely end. You are always in control.

NET is safe, effective and a natural way to instantly resolve chronic health problems that have an emotional component.

Would you say that most physical problems are caused by emotional conflict? That wouldn't be accurate. I do say that health problems are caused by physical, biochemical, or emotional factors. Any one or any combination of these can cause dysfunction. For example, a whiplash resulting in damaged tissues and misalignment is a physical cause of dysfunction, a nutritional deficiency or toxic overload is a biochemical cause of dysfunction, and a perceived negative experience that results in a Neuro-Emotional Complex (NEC) is an emotional cause of dysfunction. Any of these or all of these can be involved in any one health problem, and they can all negatively influence each other.

Are stuck emotional patterns universal? Yes, we have found this to be true. While our emotions bring richness to our lives, many times they don't fully resolve on their own. When they don't, their residual presence can diminish our health, affect our relationships and sabotage our success

Do all emotional traumas result in NEC's? No. Just as all falls don't cause subluxations and thus heal naturally, many emotional traumas are not involved in NEC's and therefore resolve naturally. For example, one person may have a few weeks or months of grief in the event of an unfortunate loss of a loved one. This grief usually resolves in a natural healing process, and the person again goes about their daily life. Yet another person may have grief for decades. It just does not seem to extinguish. This is called protracted grief. Grief is associated with the lungs and large intestine. In time it may lead to a lung disorder.

Does this take the place of psychotherapy? No. Locating and resolving these emotional snapshots from the past does not take the place of counseling, analysis or other types of therapy. Actually, many psychotherapists use NET in their practice. Rest assured that we make appropriate referrals as necessary.

How do emotions get stuck in the body? It seems emotions do not resolve properly at times when our body's resistance is compromised. If the energy of the emotion is not felt and expressed, then it is not discharged and gets stuck in the body. Our job is to find these unresolved emotions and help you finally discharge them in a healthy way.

Safe and Natural

Neuro-Emotional Technique is based on a proven combination of the latest scientific research and centuries-old techniques used in Eastern healing. By acknowledging the relationship between the body's emotional health, environmental toxicity, nutritional balance and structural integrity, appreciative patients around the world enjoy better health and well-being.

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