The Development of NET

In 1985, Dr. Scott Walker was a chiropractor who utilized applied kinesiology as a diagnostic procedure and acupuncture, nutrition and homeopathy as therapeutic tools.

Applied Kinesiology utilizes muscle testing to evaluate organ and acupuncture meridian imbalances or dysfunction. The clinician challenges the strength of a muscle by asking the patient to lock their muscle while the clinician applies a pressure to it to see if it will hold. Typically, the patient will hold their arm straight out in front of them, lock their elbow, and resist while the clinician pushes down on the arm just above the wrist. A strong muscle remains locked in place, while a weak muscle gives way.

If you test a muscle's strength, and then re-test while touching another part of the patient's body, there will be a change in strength if the area touched has some dysfunction. This is called "therapy localization."

If a strong muscle becomes weak when an acupuncture point is contacted, then a therapy that helps the dysfunctional organ/meridian associated with that acupuncture point will abolish the weakness (strengthen the muscle). Dr. Walker found that emotional trauma, even from the distant past, could be the source of the muscle weakness.

Dr. Walker had been utilizing Applied Kinesiology to balance organs, which in turn strengthened muscles, which allowed the patient to hold a chiropractic adjustment longer. The muscle testing would indicate which vertebrae to adjust, what nutritional supplement to use and in what dosage, the homeopathic remedy the body most desired, and where to place the acupuncture needles. Now, he could use the muscle testing to get to the bottom of stress-related conditions effecting muscles and organs.

Whenever we are stressed by a life situation, our subconscious mind rolls back through its memory banks to find similar past situations and check the response and outcome we had then. This is a biologically based, instinctual response that organisms have to promote survival. The subconscious stops when it gets to the earliest similar situation, and then the physiological response the body had to the earlier threat gets duplicated in the body in the present. This often adds to the trauma, as the stress from the current life situation is multiplied by the projection or transference of the old trauma and its physiological response in the body now. This can be overwhelming.

By identifying and then clearing out of the body the locked in old response to trauma, one can then respond to the current situation in a spontaneous and new way, rather than being conditioned by the past. You are now free to create your life in a new way, rather than manifesting more of the same old stuff.