Hidden Affect

Hidden Affect is defined as an unconscious tendency towards behavior or psychosomatic illness as a result of factors that the individual is unaware of.

For example, a woman has a history of frequent and chronic illnesses, and has been labeled a hypochondriac. Upon NET evaluation, the woman's arm weakens when she says, "I am okay with being healthy." Normally, an individual is congruent with wanting to be healthy, and their arm would remain strong. The NET evaluation goes on to demonstrate that this woman was the 8th of nine children, and she only received attention from Mom when she was sick or ill. Being sick was positively reinforced with attention that was otherwise unavailable. After the NET correction, she was now strong on "being healthy." With the Neuro-Emotional Complex cleared, and the hidden affect brought into the light of consciousness, she was able to manifest the health she consciously longed for.

Many of us have studied methods that will allow us to manifest what we desire. We may use affirmations and positive thoughts to create abundance in our lives, but are disappointed at the lack of results. It is true that we create our own perception of reality and are empowered to manifest our desires; however, the manifestation arises from both our conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings.

So, if as a child in church you were taught that "only the poor get to Heaven," you will have a hidden affect that will manifest poverty from the subconscious and negate your affirmations and visualizations for wealth. Many have benefited financially from using NET to clear their "poverty consciousness" and their "poverty subconsciousness."

NET can be utilized to regain physical health, to manifest what you desire in career and relationships, to remove phobias, and to clear false and limiting beliefs.