Most of us react to unpleasant experiences by blocking our feelings and stopping our natural energy flow. Blocking an experience or feeling blocks the corresponding chakra. This disfigures the chakra causing it to be clogged with stagnated energy or to spin counter-clockwise or spin irregularly.

When a chakra spins counter-clockwise, we send our energy out into the world, sense that energy we sent out, and interpret it as the world. This is called projection. The imagined reality we project onto our world is determined by our image of the world which was created from our unique childhood experiences. Essentially, we create our reality and perceive that reality simultaneously utilizing the same organ of perception.

Barbara Brennan clairvoyantly observed six types of blocks:

The "Blah" Block [oral] results from depressing one's feelings and energy. There is hopelessness, powerlessness and despair. The stagnation of energy causes edema in that area.

The "Compaction" Block [masochist] suppress rage. The rage is held in to avoid humiliation. It causes increased fat or muscle in the area. An example of the Compaction Block is when anger is not expressed over a long period of time. Instead of the energy moving up the spine and out the throat, it gets blocked at the throat and accumulates like a traffic jam. The congestion results in the swelling below the back of the neck that is often called a "Dowager's Hump," which otherwise results from thoracic compression fractures.

The "Mesh" Armor Block [schizoid and rigid] blocks feelings, usually fear, by denial. As feelings arise, the mesh armor will move to a new location to block them. This is often the tension in our shoulders associated with fear or anxiety. During a massage or psychotherapy, the mesh armor may move around.

The "Plate Armor" Block [rigid] blocks feelings by freezing them in a holding pattern. Held by a high level of generalized muscle tension, especially in the long muscles. The muscles are hard and look good, but the person is unfulfilled and stressed despite successful external appearances.

The "Energy Depletion" Block [oral (schizoid)] is a decreased energy flow out to the hands and feet. The person unconsciously is fearful or unwilling to make contact with the world, and keeps their energy in the core. This produces weakness in the limbs and the decreased circulation results in cold hands and feet. They avoid feeling the failure in their life and their ability to stand on their own two feet.

"Energy Leak" Blocks [schizoid (oral)] are when the energy squirts out at the joints rather than flowing down the limbs. This decreased energy flow again decreases contact with the world. The person unconsciously believes a potentially improper or dangerous response to the environment will be avoided. This block may originate when a child gets its hand slapped for reaching for something it wanted.

We all create blocks because we see the world as unsafe. When a perceived danger becomes permanent and internalized, we block in patterns that involve the entire auric field. These patterns are called energetic defense systems or armoring. Again, there are different systems or patterns of armoring associated with each of the five character types.